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Eco School

Poly tunnel coming soon

We have now started preparing the site for the new school poly tunnel.  Look across the field and you will see red and white tape marking the location for our new exciting venture.  Watch this space to find out more.

New Solar Panels
March 2012

We now have 88 solar panels at the school producing upto 20 KWh. Thank you to Eco schools for providing us with this opportunity. One day last week we noticed that the meter was not moving at all which means we were making enough electricity to power the freezers, photocopier and other equipment!
Eco News 26/1/12
This year our target is to get silver award in eco schools. We are also trying to get a “D” in our electricity. A “D” means that we have saved more energy than we have previously. Because our last rating was an E which is 114% we are trying to get
Eco team is on Friday lunchtime 12:30.
Let’s try to turn these off! 

The Eco Team Y6s:

Eco Newsletter 19/1/12
Everyone have a look opposite the office door you will notice a picture frame with inside a electricity rating which is E, 114 very good and we are getting better and better but what we really want is for us to get to an A which is the best rating you can get!

Welcome to our eco school page.  We now hold the Bronze award as an Eco schools We want to show our commitment to building awareness and action in our children about the issues around global warming and our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

We think about looking after our planet in a number of ways. 
  • we try to turn off lights and the whiteboard screens over lunch
  • we recycle milk bottle tops to support the Gift for Sight Charity at Southampton Hospital
  • we look after the ICT suite and turn off computers at the end of the day to reduce use of power.
  • we have daily litter pick around the school grounds to protect wildlife and to build the sense of care in their surroundings.
Watch this space to find out more about how we are trying to reduce global warming.

To find out more about Eco schools look at the link below.

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New solar panels

New solar panels (246KB)

Year 6 camping in the school grounds

Year 6 camping in the school grounds (139KB)

Our circle of pledges from last year's Green Day

Our circle of pledges from last year's Green Day (261KB)

Our first sunflowers in our raised beds

Our first sunflowers in our raised beds (331KB)

View of Winchester Cathedral from the grounds

View of Winchester Cathedral from the grounds (199KB)

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Help reduce power use

Everyone have a look oppositethe office door you will notice a picture frame with inside...

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Current allotment news Spring 2010

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Nature website for children

Here are lots of ideas for encouraging your children (and you!) into the great outdoors.

Eco schools website

To find out more about the aims of Eco schools go onto their website. There is a short video which may be of interest.

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