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Welcome to Y5 Owls

Summer 2 our Project is Dragons Den.  See below for curriculum information..

Summer Term 1 Quest Project.

Last half term we really enjoyed our Quest stories and are still waiting to invite Key stage 1 on the Quest in the grounds. The children of Owls will be telling the story and then the children in Frogs and Hedgehogs will decide which of the multi choice options to take.  We will let you know how we got on.  Meanwhile read some of the story which is about a Prince who is trying to save the life of his father.

Striding into the Forest of Fear, Peleronas gazed at the sunlight streaming through the leaves as the trees whispered “It’s the prince!” repeatedly. Widely their eyes stared at him with menacing, gritted teeth making him feel sick. Carefully thinking, he decided to visit the hunter, Meldoc, in the long reeds. Sprinting energetically, Peleronas bolted along the muddy path to reach the wispy grass surrounding Meldoc’s hidden den.
Wasting no time, he held his head high just visible above the feather topped grass. Slowly, he approached the small hut made of twigs and sticks. Peleronas confidently knocked twice upon the ivy-woven door. Silence. Was he there? Seconds later, a frustrated reply shouted “GO AWAY!”
Peleronas questioned “What about old friends?” A gasp echoed from inside and Meldoc emerged. Respectfully, he bowed on one knee and spoke in awe
“I am honoured that you have come, and am willing to help with whatever you need” With a steady voice, Prince Peleronas asked Meldoc about the orb of life. Everything stopped.
Eventually, Meldoc got up and without saying a word strode back into the hut. Looking around frantically, Meldoc threw all his equipment around the hut. “What are you doing,” bellowed the prince.

 “I have a map somewhere in here that leads to three useful potions brewed by the wise wizard. They could help you on your journey,” Meldoc replied. Once again, he exited the hut and gave a piece of paper to Peleronas. Just like he had said, at the top of the castle grounds were three marked locations of potions. Slowly, he looked up to thank Meldoc, but he has disappeared. All that was visible now was the quiet meadow and the distant wilderness. He took another glance at the map. Did he go to the pocket flask of music, the vase of mist or the chalice of light?


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pub.gif: Owls Summer 2 Dragon's Den

Owls Summer 2 Dragon's Den

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doc.gif: Curriculum Map spring 2 owls

Curriculum Map spring 2 owls

Owls Spring 2 Curriculum Map
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doc.gif: Owls spring 1 Curriculum Map new

Owls spring 1 Curriculum Map new

Owls Spring 1 curriculum map
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doc.gif: Owls Autumn 2 currciulum map

Owls Autumn 2 currciulum map

Our topic this half term is Ancient Greeks
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doc.gif: Owl Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2013

Owl Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2013

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